Christian Devotional – April 19, 2017

Today we’re looking at the Book of Ruth chapter two. We will be looking specifically at verses one through seven. Ruth and Naomi returned to Israel. It mentions as it starts this chapter, that Naomi knows that there’s a kinsman redeemer nearby. However, I find it interesting that she didn’t mention this to Ruth. She didn’t even explain what a kinsman redeemer was. Yet, she lets Ruth go out and to glean in the fields without giving her any kind of direction or any kind of specifics that would help her along the way. Ruth is not to be dissuaded; she wants to help out. She came with Naomi to be able to help her, even if Naomi is not going to give her anything to go off of. So Ruth comes up with a plan. She decides to go out and to glean in the fields behind the Reapers, which is something that widows and orphans would have done in that day. God is the one who is watching over the situation and he works things out so that Ruth ends up in the field of Boaz, the kinsman-redeemer.

When we are facing difficult and seemingly hopeless situations, we may not get good advice from others. We may not receive specific ideas or direction that help us out. Yet that doesn’t mean that God isn’t listening. God continues to know and understand exactly what we need and will guide our footsteps so that we end up exactly where he wants us to be. Even if we’re feeling hopeless today, if we will go out and do what we know to do, God will guide our steps. God will continue to work even when we don’t feel like it. Are we allowing God to work and to move in our life today?

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