Christian Devotional – April 19, 2018

Do we try to save others? Now, we are responsible for telling others about the saving grace of God, the actual decision to follow Him is solely the responsibility of that person, not us. Read Psalm 49.

No man can by any means redeem his brother Or give to God a ransom for him-
Psalms 49:7 NASB

We cannot be good enough for another person. We cannot make a decision for another person. We cannot force them into the saving grace of Jesus Christ. But, we can encourage them. We can demonstrate for them what it looks like to follow Christ. We can love them and show them what it means to be loved.

We must understand where our responsibility lies with those we are around. Jesus Christ lives in us if we have invited him in. As a result, we can allow Him to live through us and to love others so that they too understand what that looks like for them. Will we focus on others and loving them as Christ loved us today?

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