Christian Devotional – April 23, 2020

The Message – #15

Gone. Everything which the people of Moab had gathered and stored up for themselves was gone. Isaiah discusses the fall of Moab in chapter 15 and we are going to focus on verse 7.

Therefore the abundance which they have acquired and stored up They carry off over the brook of Arabim.
Isaiah 15:7 NASB

God is continuing to talk about judgment. The people of Moab have not been following him and as a result they are going to be judged. One of the ways in which God explains that his judgment is coming is through all the things that the people have stored up for themselves. They have stored up food and supplies and everything that someone would consider important in that day and time. Now, it’s all gone. People have come and looted and raided and desolated Moab and taken everything that they thought was their security.

What are we trusting in? What have we placed our security in? For the people of Moab, it was their stuff. Now that’s gone. When we place our trust and look for our security in anything besides God, it will ultimately fail. People, possessions, places, power, it all falls away unless they are rooted in God.

What are we trusting in today? What are we storing up for ourselves? What are we trusting in that is in the place of God? Replace it with God before God replaces it for us.

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