Christian Devotional – April 26, 2016

Read Acts chapter 24


Acts 24:16–So I strive always to keep my conscience clear before God and man.


Paul wanted to be able to have no regrets in what he said and did, or in what he didn’t say and didn’t do. It’s interesting to note that Paul does mention both God and man, but that God is first. So, in the instances when the actions desired would disagree with each other, Paul was going to honor God first of all. He would also continue to honor men whenever and wherever possible, as long as it didn’t contradict his ability to honor God. Would we have a clear conscience if we were called to testify about our actions and their motives? Do we strive to have a clear conscience before God and man in all that we do.


Father, I know that I get faced with many different decisions each day and some and clear and others are not. I pray that You will continue to guide and direct me through these decisions so that I may be able to make the decisions that You would have me to make. I am striving to have a clear conscience before You each and every day.

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