Christian Devotional – August 1, 2012

Isaiah 40:18–To whom then will you liken God? Or what likeness will you compare with Him?

Isaiah asks this question of the people of Judah. He wants them to see and know what things they are giving the same level of importance to as God. The question still applies to us today. Are we placing anything in our life at the same level as the God of the universe? Are we viewing money, success, power, happiness, influence, friendships, or anything with the same level of importance as God in our lives? Only God is over all and He is jealous and will not share His glory with anything in our life.

Lord, I don’t want anything to usurp Your position in my life. Help me to recognize when I am depending on something besides You. Nothing compares with You and anything that I try to place above You is simply a lie.

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