Christian Devotional – August 16, 2014

Read 3 John


3 John 2 – Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.


Our spiritual health and our physical health are both important and need to be addressed in our lives. Are we taking care of ourselves physically? What about spiritually? If we are neglecting our spiritual life, then we will not know or be ready for the plans that God has for us. If we are neglecting our physical health, then we may know God’s plans for us, but not be able to do everything that God would like to use us for in His work. We must pray for and devote time to improving both.


Father, it’s easy to think that You only care about our spiritual life and health, but you care about all of me. Help me to focus on my physical health as well and be sure that while I am able to focus on You spiritually, I am also┬áready physically to do the things You ask of me.


  • Luc Charbonneau

    This is so true. We tend to think that we are all Super people who will never have anything bad happen to them physically. Thank you for reminding me that the our bodies are also given to us by our Lord and as a result should be taken care of as much as our spiritual self. I love what you are doing every day with your posts and so many times it is just what I need to get through the day.

    God bless Luc

    • Kristi Burchfiel

      Thanks Luc! I appreciate the encouragement. God’s word has such wonderful truth in it and I love sharing what He is teaching me. It’s my prayer that others are challenged and encouraged to live out what they learn. God bless you as well!