Christian Devotional – August 22, 2017

Hope. In 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 we see 2 of the most powerful emotions side by side, grief and hope. Often we don’t think of the hope there is in the grief. When we experience death of loved one in our life, the grief can feel overwhelming. Paul knew this and he knew that the people were struggling with this very grief. People they knew and loved had died. How can they move on? What does this mean for that person. Paul clarified how we, as believers in Jesus Christ can have hope in the midst of grief. Jesus will raise them up in the last days. They will still receive the reward for their commitment to God.

Death has not won the victory, God has. No matter the way we see death impacting the people around us, we can know that if we will continue to stay focused on Him, we will find the comfort, encouragement, and hope that is found in Him.

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