Christian Devotional – August 23, 2021

The Gospels through the Summer, Day 88

Sent by Jesus, just like Jesus was sent. Read John 20.

Jesus is alive and he appears to his disciples and to those who have been following him these past few years. Jesus shows that he is conqueror over death and that he truly is exactly who he said he was. We can trust in Jesus.

Now, he gives a mandate to those that have been his disciples. He tells them that they are to go just as he has gone. He is sending them just like he was sent. We recognize that Jesus’s life was difficult and challenging and yet, that’s exactly the life that he sends us out into. God knows that the Christian life is not easy, but he promises to be with us and he promises that it will be for his glory in everything that happens. Are we willing to go through the difficulties and to be sent just like Jesus was sent so that God may receive the glory in every situation?

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