Christian Devotional – August 3, 2017

As we finish up Nehemiah, we are reminded of the importance of our relationships. In Nehemiah 13:23-31, we see how the people had gone back to mixing their marriages with non-believers. As we are creating relationships with people around us, we must remember that for those crucial relationships like a spouse, we need someone who is going to help us and encourage us in the same faith. While not impossible, it is certainly much harder when we are joined together with someone who does not believe in Jesus.

Even if we are in a relationship with another believer, do we seek strength and encouragement from that relationship? Are we willing to move forward with that person and let them know our victories and our struggles? For someone to truly hold us accountable, we must be open and transparent with them about all that we are going through. Are we surrounding ourselves with like-minded believers and are we being open with them?

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