Christian Devotional – December 12, 2016

Read Job chapter 27


Job 27:11–I will teach you about the power of God; the ways of the Almighty I will not conceal.


Even while Job is going through this time of difficulty and even while he is being accused of secret sin by his friends, Job is still looking to teach those around him about who God is. Job has learned a great deal about the character of God and he is continuing to learn as he goes through this ordeal. Yet, he doesn’t keep that knowledge and those experienced to himself. Job looks to teach and to train others regarding what he has learned. When we go through difficulties and God brings us through, we have a story to tell. When God is faithful in the dark times, we have a story to tell. When God gives us joy and peace in the midst of chaos, we have a story to tell. We must be teaching and training up others to know that God is there for us and we can rely on Him. Will we share our story and teach others about God today?


Father, I know that what I’ve been through isn’t nearly what others have experienced, but they are still the learnings that You have given to me Help me to share those openly and honestly with others so that they can see that You are faithful just as You have promised. Keep my pride in check that doesn’t want to share about my own struggles. Keep me focused only on You and the glory You will receive through the work You’ve done in my life.

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