Christian Devotional – December 19, 2016

Read Job chapter 33


Job 33:12–But I tell you, in this you are not right, for God is greater than any mortal.


Job has been sharing that he should be vindicated because he’s not done anything wrong. He think God should have to explain himself to Job. Well, Job’s friend Elihu is saying that he’s not right in thinking that because God is greater than any other person. Sometimes we forget that. We start to think that we are advisers to God and that if He wants to do something He should have to pass it by us for approval first. That isn’t how things God. God doesn’t require our input and He certainly doesn’t need it. God is greater than all of us and we have to accept that. There is nothing that God does that requires Him to explain Himself to us. We are called to obedience and to faith. We are called to trust Him. We can do that because of the character of who He is. He is greater than any of us.


Father, I get confused sometimes and think that You owe me an explanation for what You’re doing and why. I know that You are greater than I and You have the power and ability to do anything and everything that You want to do. Keep me focused on what You have for me today. I will trust You.

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