Christian Devotional – December 17, 2016

Read Job chapter 32


Job 32:8–But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty that gives them understanding.


We are God-breathed dirt. Each time I start to think that I really know something or am able to do something on my own, I am reminded of this very truth. Job has finished talking and his 3 friends have nothing more to say, so now we hear from the younger man who has been sitting on the sideline just listening to everything that everyone has said. He starts off by reminding them that understanding only comes from God. We will do so much better in everything we do if we will just understand this simple truth. We can truly know and understanding nothing apart from God’s gracious give of His Spirit. Are we leaning on our own understanding or trusting in the Spirit today.


Father, I pray that You will give me Your understanding. I will surrender to You because You know so much better than I. Keep me focused on You and on Your will for me and help me to not trust in my own thoughts or ideas about how things should god. I will rely solely on You.

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