Christian Devotional – December 20, 2014

Read Judges chapter 18


Judges 18:24–He replied, “You took the gods I made, and my priest, and went away. What else do I have? How can you say, ‘What’s the matter with you?'”


Micah had made his own gods, but he had nothing else besides that. Then at the end, the gods didn’t protect him; he had to try and protect them. He failed. When we set up gods in our life that we have made, we will spend all our time trying to protect them and trying to hold on to them, instead of the other way around. The one true God is over all things and He is able to take care of Himself, as well as us. We can trust in Him and not be left alone.


Father, if I try to turn away to other things, You remind me that they are nothing and can do nothing. Help me to focus only on You as the one true God. You will protect me and You will use me to glorify Yourself. I will not trust in anything else as it would leave me unprotected and alone.

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