Christian Devotional – December 21, 2014

Read Judges chapter 19


Judges 19:12–His master replied, “No. We won’t go into any city whose people are not Israelites. We will go on to Gibeah.”


They thought they would be safer if they stayed with the things that they knew. However, the Israelite town that they ended up in was horrible to them. Sometimes the people who hurt us the most are the people we’d never expect it from. We must remember that only God keeps all His promises to us. The other people we are around will at some point let us down or betray us. Only God is able to go before us in every situation and know what we need. We must trust in Him and allow Him to lead us each day.


Father, Your Word is life to me and even when I don’t understand Your choices, I will trust in You. Other people will let me down and disappoint me, but You will always be there. I will love and trust in You.

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