Christian Devotional – December 24, 2018

Finally, an explanation. Joseph’s brothers have heard all that Joseph is telling them about all that has happened and that it truly is him, but now Joseph reveals the reason behind these things. Read Genesis 45:7-15.

There I will also provide for you, for there are still five years of famine to come, and you and your household and all that you have would be impoverished.”‘
Genesis 45:11 NASB

God had a plan. That is why Joseph could forgive them, even when that would make no sense to them. God was the one in charge, not his brothers. 

It is a very humbling and eye-opening experience when we realize that we are not as in control as we thought we were. The brothers needed to understand that so they could begin to forgive themselves. They have been confronted with their sin, and the need to repent, but they don’t need to be shackled by guilt and shame any more. 

Have we messed up? God knows this and, what’s more, God can still use us and make a way for us to come and be part of what He is doing. He can forgive us and use us and remove the guilt that we feel, if we will let Him. He loves us and forgives us if we will turn to Him. And, He is more than capable of turning all things to work together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

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