Christian Devotional – December 26, 2016

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Read Job chapter 39


Job 39:27–Does the eagle soar at your command and build its nest on high?


God is continuing to speak to Job and question him. God is explaining all the things that He knows and asking Job if Job knows those things, too. When God is listing all these questions throughout this chapter, it is always amazing to me how many of these things I’ve never really thought about. I’ve never really considered that the eagle might start to fly at someone’s command. Or that it might even matter when and where an eagle flies. Yet, it matter to God. There is plan and purpose and everything that God does, including a purpose to the flight of an eagle. I would never have the answer to that, which is why He is God and I am not. Do we remember our place each day? Do we trust God and have faith in Him?


Father, I see all the things that seem to just happen in this world, yet, You have a hand in each and every thing. You are the one who sees purpose in everything that You create and in what You have everything do. I praise You for all that You do and everything that You orchestrate.

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