Christian Devotional – December 5, 2021

The Coming King, Day 4

The sign. God promised to give us a sign for us to know that He was real and that He would do what He said. Read Isaiah 7:14.

In this verse, God is telling the people through the prophet Isaiah that he was making a promise to the people. He would fulfill that promise and the reason they could believe that is because of the sign that God would send. God would have a virgin give birth to a son who would be the God in flesh.

This would have sounded crazy to the people at that tine. It would sound crazy to people in this yime. Yet God is telling us that we can trust him. Today as we consider this we know that God kept his promise through the birth of Jesus. As a result, we can trust God to do all that he says he is going to do because we have seen him be faithful. We have hope. Our hope is in something certain, not just in something we “hope” for. We know that God will follow through. Have we placed our hope in Christ today?

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