Christian Devotional – February 3, 2017

We’ve been looking at some unusual situations in Ezekiel and chapter 4 is no different. As you read through this chapter, think about how often God uses symbols to represent what He is going to do.

God wanted Ezekiel to be a human symbol. He was going to lie on one side for 390 days to symbolize the siege against Jerusalem. God was going to tie him down and he was going to eat bread that had been cooked on a fire made from human feces. I gotta say, it doesn’t really sound like being a prophet of God was really all that glamorous.

As I was reading through this, the thought that struck me was how dramatic God’s pictures in our lives are. God wants us to get it; to understand what He is doing. God uses big pictures and dramatic things to really work to get the attention of people. He can use small things as well, but sometimes, people need to see just how bad their lives can be without God before they are able to recognize their need for God.

I am glad that God has not asked me to do what He asked Ezekiel to do. But, God has asked me to do several things and I need to be sure to be obedient, even when they don’t always make sense. You never know the bigger picture behind why God is directing a certain way or who Your life is going to touch as a result of Your obedience.

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