Christian Devotional – January 31, 2017

In reading Ezekiel chapter 3, I am blown away by the amount of responsibility that God places on Ezekiel. God has just finished chapter 2 in which God has explained how impossible this mision is going to feel and now He adds to it in chapter 3 by explaining to Ezekiel the level of responsibility and accountability that He is going to have to deliver the message that God gives him.

Take a closer look at verse 17 and following. God is placing the responsibility on Ezekiel that if someone is doing wrong and God tells him to speak to that person, and Ezekiel doesn’t, then Ezekiel will be held accountable. How does that look for us? As we know the message from God and we have the Good News, we know the answer. We know how to help those peopls around us. If we withhold the answer then we are accountable for them. Do we take our responsibility seriously? I know for me, this is a sobering reminder of my responsibility to share with the world all that Christ has done for me and all that Christ can do for them. I am responsible and I am accountable to God for the people that need to hear the message from me.

Father, I have sinned and I do not always share with others as You direct me. Please forgive me and please give me another chance. Thank You for Your grace, both for me and for those people around me.

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