Christian Devotional – February 3, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 34

Difficult people. The world seems to be full of difficult people. We have people who we struggle to get along with and David gives us great examples as he dealt with Saul. Read 1 Samuel 23:22-24:7.

Unfortunately, we are never going to be universally loved. There are going to be people we struggle to get along with and people who are committed to seeing bad things happen to us. Saul was that person for David.

The key is how David responded. David continued to follow God, but he refused to try to do anything to Saul himself. David knew that was God’s job. God must fight our battles for us. We are not to try to “make things right” on our own. We can’t. Only God can make situations right in his timing. Will we allow God to deal with the difficult people in our lives?

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