Christian Devotional – January 2, 2021

Essential 100, Day 2

As we take a look at day 2 from the Essential 100 reading plan on YouVersion, we see the focus is on our guilt. We must understand, as we read Genesis chapter 3, that we are not perfect. Adam and Eve had been created by God and placed in a garden with every need met and still, they were deceived and broke the one law that God had given them.

Sin is often something that people don’t like to talk about nowadays. We don’t want to admit that we have done anything wrong or that we make mistakes. But, we all do. We are all sinful and that is the truth of the matter, whether we want to admit it or not.

Still, even through their sin, God made a way for them and was thinking about the long term ramifications of what they had done. God wasn’t willing to leave them in their sin. In verse 22, we see that God removes them from the garden so that they wouldn’t permanently end up in their sin. He made a way for them to be saved. God does the same with us. God desires to see us saved from our sin?

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