Christian Devotional – January 23, 2018

Are you ready for the end? People have been predicting the return of Jesus Christ for centuries. Every generation there is some new guess as to when Jesus is going to return. Jesus indicates that no man knows the day or the hour, but that doesn’t stop people from guessing. Jesus speaks about the signs of his return in Luke 17:22-37 and then he throws in this verse:

Whoever seeks to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it.
Luke 17:33 NASB

At first glance that verse doesn’t seem to fit. Yet as we look closer, we see that as people are confronted with the possibility of the end of the world as they know it, they start doing things to preserve themselves. Yet that is what this is referring to. Even knowing that Jesus is going to return, we should be getting ready, yet the way we do that is by pouring into others and sharing with them the love of Jesus.

If we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and savior, then we understand that we can not be selfish. We must go and seek to share the good news with others. We give ourselves away to see others have an opportunity to come to Him.  Are we focused on others today the way that we need to be? We are their only hope to know and understand who Jesus is and His desire for their life.

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