Christian Devotional – January 25, 2017

For our final day looking at purpose, we turn to the New Testament and a story that Jesus gave to the people. Read Matthew 25:14-30.

This parable, often called the Parable of the Talents has several applications to our lives, but one of the main ones relates to what are we doing with the gifts that God has given us. Each and every one of us have been given talents and abilities that God Himself has shaped and developed. Additionally, when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, we also received the Holy Spirit and the gifts that He bestows. When it comes to our purpose and making sure that we are being obedient to God, we¬†must take a look at the gifts that God has given us. Are we using and investing these gifts and talents into others? Are we finding ways to give out and see that gift and talent multiple itself in the lives of those people around us? If not, we are no better than the servant who hid his talent and waited for he master’s return.

It does not matter if we were given 10 talents, 2 talents, or only 1 talent. What matters is that we are using our talents and abilities in obedience to God in order to fulfill our purpose and multiple the gifts that God has given us, all for His glory and His honor.

Are you fulfilling your purpose?

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