Christian Devotional – January 26, 2017

Today we are going to start reading through Ezekiel. Take some time and read through the first chapter.

As we look at the amazing and, quite frankly, indescribable vision that Ezekiel had, we see the amazing and awesomeness of God depicted here. Even though I can’t wrap my mind around exactly what Ezekiel saw, I am amazed at the sense of power that is depicted. Also, I get a great feeling of fluidity and harmony and how everythning works together. The other thing that strikes me in this passage is that this amazing description of God says over and over again that He is always moving forward, even though He may go in many directions, and that He never turns. This made me think about the fact that we can never be out of the sight of God. He is always seeing us; He is always looking at me. He never has His back turned toward me. I am so comforted by this knowing that no matter what is going on, He is awesome and powerful and He can always lead me where I neeed to be because I am never out of His sight.

Father, I take this time to stop and thank You for being the God who always sees me. You are never caught off guard and You never miss out on what I do. I praise You for all that You are, even though I can’t imagine it or begin to get a picture of it in my mind. You are the God who leads me and I will follow You today.


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