Christian Devotional – January 3, 2019

The blessing. Joseph brings his father to Pharaoh and there is a blessing that occurs, but maybe not the way we would expect. Read Genesis 47:7-9.

Then Joseph brought his father Jacob and presented him to Pharaoh; and Jacob blessed Pharaoh.
Genesis 47:7 NASB

Wait, what? Pharaoh, the ruler of the largest kingdom on earth at that time, has received a blessing from a old shepherd. That sort of seems backwards. We would expect to see the rich and powerful Pharaoh being the one blessing Jacob. However, Pharaoh recognized that Jacob was the one with the true power because he had God.

Is God so evident in our lives that he shines through no matter who we interact with? Do we see and recognize Him in the lives of others and are we willing to humble ourselves to accept blessings from that person, whomever it may be.

God was moving in Jacob’s life. Pharaoh saw that and recognized that he needed what Jacob had, not the other way around. Will we seek out God today?

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