Christian Devotional – January 4, 2019

Grateful slaves. The people of Egypt went through one of the worst economic times ever and yet they lived through it. They were grateful for that. Read Genesis 47:10-26.

So they said, “You have saved our lives! Let us find favor in the sight of my Lord, and we will be Pharaoh’s slaves.”
Genesis 47:25 NASB

Now, at the end, all that they owned belonged to Pharaoh, but they had their lives and would have had no way to survive the famine on their own. The had to rely on Pharaoh and Pharaoh relied on Joseph, who relied on God. The people were saved because of Joseph and what he did to stand between them and certain death.

Do we recognize what God has done for us and do we willingly agree to do anything and everything He asks of us? He is worthy for He has saved us and created a way for us to not only survive, but to live abundantly. Will we, like the people of Egypt, pledge ourselves entirely to God?

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