Christian Devotional – January 30, 2017

Reading through Ezekiel chapter 2 was eye-opening for me. As we look through there, we see what God is asking of Ezekiel.

I almost heard the “Mission: Impossible” theme music rising up in the background as I read this chapter. God explains to Ezekiel all the reasons why he is going to have a very difficult and hard time with the assignment that God is giving him. He goes on to state that He will encounter people who will not listen to him. The people he is going to share with will disagree with him and Ezekiel shouldn’t be concerned about that. Ezekiel isn’t to fear them and he’s not to be afraid.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would have been very excited or happy about what God was doing if I was Ezekiel. This sounds like a hard, difficult mission. Yet, as we see Ezekiel, he goes ahead and does all that God asks Him. As we are moving forward and looking to be obedient to God, we must remember that it is all about God’s glory and that God has His own purpose and His own plans. I’m sure Ezekiel didn’t understand why he was being asked to go through what he was going to go through. Still, He trusted God and walked that path, knowing that God was with him and God was going to be directing every path that he went down.

I don’t always like the paths that God shows me. I get downright obstinate and angry sometimes. A two year old has nothing on me. I need to learn from Ezekiel’s example, just as we all do, so that we can walk with confidence and faith down the path that God lays before us. The question becomes, do I trust God enough to let Him lead me or do I not. Some days I do better than others, but I desire to be obedient and to show Him that I love Him.

Father, take my frustration and anger and turn it into joy at being obedient and being counted to suffer for You. I know that all that You are doing is going to be more than anything I can even begin to imagine at this point. I don’t need glory as long as You are getting the glory. Take me and forgive me and move in me so that I move exactly according to Your plan for me.

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