Christian Devotional – January 4, 2020

The Essential 100, Day 4

Long before a rainbow meant anything else, the rainbow was a symbol of God’s covenant with the entire world. Read Genesis 8:1 – 9:17 as day 4 of The Essential 100 reading plan with YouVersion.

God made a covenant with the world, not just the people in it. The rainbow was set to remind God of his covenant, not us. Whatever we may think a rainbow is, to God, it a reminder not to flood the entire world in judgment through water again.

God will continue to judge because he continues to be holy. But, he will not use a planet-wide flood to do it.

God sets reminders for himself, do we set our own reminders of what God has done and how we can continue seek Him more each day? What reminder do we need to set today?

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