Christian Devotional – January 6, 2022

The Essential Jesus, Day 6

Temptation. As we look at day 6 of The Essential Jesus reading plan in, we read the story of original temptation and sin. Genesis 3:1-24.

Adam and Eve were living the perfect life in the garden of Eden and still, temptation found them. We should never be surprised that temptation is at our door or that it seeks us out and looks to find us. If it could find Adam and Eve in the midst of perfection, it can find us wherever we are. The question we ask ourselves, do we see the seriousness of temptation? Do we understand the gravity of sin? Sin in the life of Adam and Eve changed their entire world. Everything they knew was taken away from them in an instant.

When we think about our sin, the areas that we struggle in, do we recognize just how much of an impact our sin has on our date of day life? How can we continue to not understand all that God has done to deliver us from sin? Understanding Jesus means that we understand how he views sin. Do we see sin the way that God sees send?

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