Christian Devotional – January 9, 2018

When we chose to follow Christ, what changes about us? Can anyone tell a difference? Read through Luke 11:29-54

“No one, after lighting a lamp, puts it away in a cellar nor under a basket, but on the lampstand, so that those who enter may see the light.
Luke 11:33 NASB

When we come to Jesus, it is like we have lit a lamp. Christ lights a fire in us and we have to decide what we are going to do with the flame. Will we hide it? Or, will we display it for all the world to see? When Christ comes into our life, He desires to change us to be more like Him, but only we can decide if we are going to allow Him to change us and to make us new and different. Then we must decide if we are going to display that change for the world to see. Will we show the world what God does in our lives? Will our obedience be more than just in words only?

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