Christian Devotional – January 9, 2022

The Essential Jesus, Day 9

Salvation. Jesus brings us salvation. As we look at day 9 of The Essential Jesus reading plan on, we see just how completely sin separates us from God. Read Isaiah 59:1-21.

We cannot truly understand the dept of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ until we understand just how utterly and completely lost we were. Our sin completely cut us off from God and because of that, we were completely hopeless.

When we truly understand that, we see just how amazing God’s plan of salvation is. We are able to be saved through Jesus. His salvation is always enough. It is never too short or lacking in any way. Jesus Christ is perfectly exactly what God is looking for and our accepting of that is what God desires from us.

Have we allowed Jesus to take our place and to work in and through us? He will never fail to save us, if we are trusting in him to do so.

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