Christian Devotional – July 21, 2021

The Gospels through the Summer, Day 55

Put it into practice. Read Luke 11.

Jesus spends this chapter teaching. We see him initially teaching his disciples how to pray, and then throughout the rest of the chapter, he is teaching those who don’t necessarily believe in him. Jesus tried to help them understand the difference between talking about God and living for God.

Jesus makes this statement in verse 28 as a way to help the people realize it’s not about the words that you say, it’s about the life that you live. The question for us becomes, are we living a life that puts our obedience to God into practice? We always say we love God, and we say that we follow him, but is that what others see when they look at our lives? Are we seeking to do more like God would do? We will never be perfect, we are sinful. Still, our love for Christ is demonstrated through our obedience to his word. Would others know and recognize our obedience? How are we showing Christ that we love him today?