Christian Devotional – June 14, 2021

The Gospels through the Summer, Day 18

Read Matthew 18. Jesus begins the chapter by sharing about little children. Little children have an innocent faith that believes and trusts in the people they are around, even if they don’t understand why or how or what that person is telling them. God explains that we must become more like little children.

How often do we believe God’s word simply because He said it and He is God? No proof, no logic, just a simple faith that recognizes God is God and he is capable of fulfilling every promise that he has given us. We don’t have to see or understand how God is going to do things. We just have to believe that because he said he would, he will.

Do we make our faith too complicated? Do I make my understanding of God too complicated? Today look around and see how you can have faith like a child in the things of God.

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