Christian Devotional – June 23, 2017

Are we of the light? In Ephesians 5:6-10, Paul encourages us to not be deceived but to walk as children of the light. He then defines the light as being the things of goodness and righteousness. The light is Jesus Christ. As we walk with the characteristics of Jesus Christ, we will see all that he has for us and others will see him through us. We will also not be deceived. So many things in this world seek to turn us to their own for their own purposes. They try to deceive us to gain our allegiance, power, influence, attention, and so many other things. We must never be deceived. As we continue to focus on Jesus Christ and to walk in the light that he has given us, we will find ourselves more than able to determine what is truth and what is a lie. What are we focusing on today? Are we committing ourselves to walk in the light?

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