Christian Devotional – June 29, 2015

Read Mark chapter 9


Mark 9:24–Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”


So often we say we believe and we do truly want to believe tat Jesus can do something or intervene in a situation, however, we just can’t seem to get ourselves fully committed to the idea. Do we pray about it? God knows what we struggle with, even when we struggle with belief. I knows that we need help sometimes. Do we honestly seek Him and ask Him to help us in areas where only He can? God can help our unbelief and he can keep us focused on Him, if we will only ask.


Father, I desire to be fully committed to You, but there are times when I slip and haven’t had a chance to do these things. I pray that You will work and move in my life in such a way to see people come to know You and all that You have done in my life. You are all that I need. Help me in those times when I slip in my commitment.

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