Christian Devotional – June 4, 2017

Ok, it’s “Going to Ninevah,” take 2. This second time around we see Jonah hearing God’s message and being obedient. In Jonah 3:1-5 we find Jonah right back in the same place that he was in chapter 1. Often if we have been disobedient, once we repent, God places us in a very similar situation and gives us an opportunity to do it right this time.

So, Jonah goes. He starts walking through the town of Ninevah sharing his message. We see an amazing response, one that can only be explained by God working, but the biggest change is in the one delivering the message. When we fall and repent, do we get back up and choose obedience? If we are truly repentant, we will do what God has called us to do.

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  • Haruna

    I have always read the book of Jonah but never has these eyes of mine been opened to see this depth of divine relationship father-to-child home training. Indeed God is a disciplinarian. If I am carried away with the fact that He will always forgive and I mess up, I am retarding my progress in life, to say the least.

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