Christian Devotional – June 6, 2017

Jonah finally says, “I told you so.” He has delivered the message that God had for the people. The people repented and God had mercy on them. Now Jonah is mad. Jonah 4:1-3 shows us that Jonah does really know and understand the character of God. Unfortunately, Jonah wanted the people destroyed. Jonah didn’t think they should have access to the same mercy and grace that he has. Now we see the real reason that he ran.

Do we believe that God’s mercy and grace should be available for all people? Or, are there some people who have hurt us too badly that we don’t want them to know and understand God’s grace? Any time we don’t want people to experience the mercy of God, we are acting just Jonah. We are saying that God should forgive us, but not that other person. God gives mercy because none of us deserve it. That’s the very definition of mercy. Will we extend mercy to all people, just as God does?

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