Christian Devotional – June 7, 2017

In Jonah 4:4-11 we see God begin to question Jonah. He first asks if Jonah has a right to be angry. Interestingly, Jonah doesn’t answer that question. So God sets up a little example for him. Jonah has gone out and is sitting outside the city watching and waiting for God to do the destruction that he originally said he would. While he is there God provides a plant that gives him shade and great comfort. The next day God brings a worm to eat the plant. Jonah gets mad again. When God questions him as to why he is mad and if he has a right to be mad, Jonah says that he does, but doesn’t really give a reason. God then asks His final question, shouldn’t I care about Ninevah like you cared about the plant. We never see Jonah’s answer to that question, but we certainly understand what the answer should be.

When we get questions from God, that is when the growth happens. That is when we learn God’s heart and we understand His character. Don’t run from God or from His questions. Seek Him and His answers, that is how we grow in likeness of Him.

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