Christian Devotional – June 8, 2017

As we start looking through the book of Ephesians, we have an opportunity to study the writings of the Apostle Paul. Paul had a dramatic conversion to Christ and now after having visited the city of Ephesus and proclaimed Christ and seen people converted to Christ, he sends them a letter to check on them and continue to encourage and instruct them. Reading through the first chapter in verses 1 through 10 of the book of Ephesians, we see Paul’s heartfelt opening to the people. He wishes them grace and mercy and wants them to understand the amazingness of their relationship to Jesus Christ.

In verses 7 and 8 he talks about the fact that Jesus has provided Redemption to us through his blood and forgiveness of sins through his grace. I love the idea that Christ lavished these things upon us as it mentions in verse 8. God did not ration out his love or his Mercy or his Redemption, he lavishes it upon us. We can be completely and totally covered through the grace of Jesus Christ and experience full Redemption of sins because of this.

The question often becomes if we will allow ourselves to experience his grace to the fullest? Do we recognize that every area of our life, every sin we have committed, has been placed under the cross and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ? We can live each day victorious through Christ understanding that he has lavished his forgiveness upon us. Are we living in his victory today?

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