Christian Devotional – March 16, 2019

Has life’s circumstances changed you? It certainly had changed Naomi. She had been gone for over 10 years and yet when she returned, everyone knew her and was shocked by the changes they saw. See Ruth 1:19.

So they both went until they came to Bethlehem. And when they had come to Bethlehem, all the city was stirred because of them, and the women said, “Is this Naomi?”
Ruth 1:19 NASB

This must have been an amazing change that was visible in Naomi. The people knew who she was, but were shocked at how she had been changed by her situation.

Have we allowed life to change us? Or are we allowing God to be the one to change us? Change is inevitable. No matter where we are in life, we know that we are going to encounter change. However, God wants us to allow Him to change us, not our circumstances. Are we trusting in Him to change us or are we simply reacting to the circumstances we are around?

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