Christian Devotional – March 19, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 78

Disagreement. It was bound to happen. The new church with new believers spreading across new lands. Now, the have reached a place where there is some disagreement between them. How do they handle? Read Acts 15.

When the believers disagreed, they didn’t just hide the issue. They didn’t try to avoid it. Instead, they looked at the issue head on and decided to meet together to understand it and to make a decision. They wanted unity. Being able to understand what God’s will is and to live that out together every day was of the utmost importance to them.

How do we approach conflict? How do we understand when others are doing something differently than we are? Do we seek to learn and understand exactly what God’s will is in each situation? We must recognize that every single situation is something that God desires to see us work through and him be glorified in… even disagreements. The way in which we work and move is important and can lead people either toward God or away from God. How are we representing ourselves and dealing with areas of disagreement in our lives?

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