Christian Devotional – March 20, 2021

The Essential 100, Day 79

Share the message. Do we share the message of salvation intentionally? Paul did. Read Acts 16-20.

As we read about the missionary adventures of Paul, we see a man dedicated to sharing the word of Jesus Christ and the good news of his message and salvation with absolutely anyone and everyone he could. We see all the trials and difficulties that he faced while he did that, but he realized the importance of the message and the desperate need of the people to hear it.

Are we willing to share the same message with anyone and everyone that we come in contact with every day? Are we intentional about reaching out to people who need to hear that message? God used Paul in amazing and miraculous way because he was obedient to him. What would God be able to do with us if we would surrender and be obedient to him and share his message?

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