Christian Devotional – May 1, 2020

The Message – #22

What makes a good defense? The best defense is sitting safely in the will of God. However, the people had decided they didn’t want to do that. Read Isaiah chapter 22 and focus on verse 8.

And He removed the defense of Judah. In that day you depended on the weapons of the house of the forest,
Isaiah 22:8 NASB

When God is our defense, we can rest assured that nothing is going to be able to reach us. However, if we are going to trust in ourselves, then God may allow us to do that. In this case, he removed his defense of the people and the only thing they had left was whatever defense they could provide themselves.

Our own defense is never a match to what God provides for us. We may think we are able to provide and to rest in our own strength, but our defense is nothing compared to God’s. Will we accept his defense and rest in Him, or will we reject him and find ourselves trying to provide our own security and defense?

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