Christian Devotional – May 18, 2020

The Message – #37

Our defense. Israel was in trouble. They were surrounded and going to be attacked. They were crying out to God to save them. In Isaiah chapter 37, we see their prayer and God’s response.

‘For I will defend this city to save it for My own sake and for My servant David’s sake.'”
Isaiah 37:35 NASB

God will defend the city. Because of who God is and because of who the people were and who David was, God is going to defend them. They didn’t have to worry about defending themselves. Those who were attacking were saying negative things about God. So God was going to defend Himself.

When we are attacked for what we believe or our relationship with Jesus Christ, God is the one who will defend us. God is the one who will take us and will do all that He needs to do. We do not need to worry about trying to defend God.

Are we allowing God to defend himself? Do we trust in his timing to do so? Be patient and let God address those issues. He will defend Himself.

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