Christian Devotional – November 13, 2019

No longer under the law. Read Galatians 3:23-25.

But before faith came, we were kept in custody under the law, being shut up to the faith which was later to be revealed. Therefore the Law has become our tutor to lead us to Christ, so that we may be justified by faith. But now that faith has come, we are no longer under a tutor.
Galatians 3:23‭-‬25 NASB

The law was given before we understood what our faith should be in. As Paul mentions, the law was designed to be a tutor for us so that we could better understand our need for faith. However, now that Christ has come, we no longer need a tutor because we have full access to everything that God has provided for us through our faith in Jesus Christ. Are we trusting completely in Jesus Christ? He is all we need, but we must continue to put our faith and trust in him every moment of every day.

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