Christian Devotional – November 25, 2022

The Weeping Prophet, Day 50

What does repentance look like? Read Jeremiah chapter 50.

As time goes on and the people experience more and more of all the judgment that their sin has caused, God shares that the people will eventually turn back to God.

No matter our sin, as long as we are still breathing, we still have an opportunity to turn to God and repent. Once we die, we no longer have that opportunity, but until that tine, every breath that we take is an opportunity for repentance. How are we using our breaths? How do we measure our time? If you have never come to the place of repentance, then know that each breath you take is an opportunity to repent. If you have already made that decision, then every breath is an opportunity for praise to the God of the universe.

How will you use your breaths today?