Christian Devotional – November 28, 2022

The Weeping Prophet, Day 53

Why does the Weeping Prophet, weep? Read Lamentations chapter 1.

As we finish the book of Jeremiah, we turn to the other book in the Bible that he authored, Lamentations. This small book is filled with the funeral type songs that explain the sadness around the fall of Jerusalem and the people’s refusal to repent. Here Jeremiah explains why he weeps. He sees that the enemy has prevailed and the people have given in to their sin. Jeremiah sees the judgment that they are experiencing and he weeps.

Do we weep for the lost that are around us? Do we see the seemingly victories of the enemy and are we desperately trying to call others to repentance? Jeremiah did everything that he could to prevent what he sees happening now, but they would not listen. Can the same be said of us as we look at those around us that are still in sin?