Christian Devotional – November 27, 2022

The Weeping Prophet, Day 52

No more words; only actions. Read Jeremiah chapter 52.

At the end of the last chapter, we see that the words of Jeremiah had ended. Now we start to see only the actions that are taken which fulfill the words of Jeremiah. He had done all that God wanted him to do, and still the people did not repent and turn back to God.

God gives warnings and messages. God tries to get our attention and prevent us from going down the wrong path, but ultimately, there comes a time when there are no more words. All that is left is to see the fulfillment of the warnings.

As these actions are recorded, we see that God was faithful to his word and everything that he predicted would come about, happened. God is not bluffing when he shares his warnings with us. He’s not trying to make us flinch or see if we will call him. He really is holding all the cards. He will absolutely always have the last say.

When we receive warnings from God, we need to take them seriously and repent. Only then will we experience the mercy and grace of God. Otherwise, God’s judgment will come, exactly as he forewarns.