Christian Devotional – October 11, 2021

Days of Wisdom, Day 11

Placing hope and trust in people above God ends in failure. Read Proverbs 11.

With all the amazing wisdom in this chapter today, this verse struck out to me. I work in the corporate world and I have been lucky enough to be with the same company for many years. However, in the past i have fallen into the trap off believing everything that leaders told me. I have since learned that God is the one in charge of things like promotions and recognition. God is the one I trust in to keep me and take care of me, not people. A lot of well-meaning individuals have shared great stories and made fantastic promises over the years, but my hope is not in them. My hope is in God.

Who is your hope in? Who do you trust and lean on? God is the only one we can completely trust to actually follow through on his promises. Our hope is in the Lord.