Christian Devotional – October 12, 2021

Days of Wisdom, Day 12

How do we feel? Read Proverbs 12.

We continue to see pieces of advice that Solomon is sharing. Most of these verses are individual, almost one liner, type of advice. And many of these verses are taken and quoted other places to help with a variety of issues or concerns.

The verse that stuck out to me today was verse 25. There have been a lot of things going on in my life lately that have caused me to be more nervous or anxious then I typically am. But, God is the one who overcomes that. Plus, encouragement and recognition goes such a long way in helping to lift up those that we are around. We may not know what other people are struggling with or what difficulties they are experiencing. We may not realize the thoughts that they are thinking to themselves. But, we can be a kind word. We can be an encouragement. We can share hope. I have often found that when I am in the most need of encouragement, I find the most joy in encouraging others. I cannot always control what other people say to me, but I can always control what I say to other people. I will choose to speak hope and encouragement into other people’s lives today.